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August 8, 2017

Critical Habitats (and Squirrels) Near Your Home

Who Runs The World? Squirrels – Or at Least They Help to Run It

Although you may see squirrels scrambling around every day in your backyard and neighborhood, some types of squirrels are actually on the endangered species list. Pretty nutty, huh?

You probably didn’t realize it, but there are over 200 species of squirrels in the world and although some of these species are ubiquitous, there are some that are in danger of extinction.

Why should you be concerned? Squirrels play an important role in nature, working as seed and spore distributors; During the autumn months, they stockpile seeds, nuts, spores, and plants; but they don’t always remember where these [...]

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August 4, 2017

Wildlife Nuts in Your Backyard: Squirrel Finder

Don’t Be Squirrely About Squirrels!

Do you have squirrels in your neighborhood of all different shapes, colors and sizes? Many people don’t realize that there isn’t actually a single animal called a squirrel – in fact, according to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, there are actually over 200 different species of squirrels!

Every one of these 300 types is classified into three categories: ground squirrels, tree squirrels and flying squirrels. Holy macadamia, that’s a lot of squirrels! Here, you will find an interactive list of squirrels mapped onto their geographic habitat in the U.S. Have fun learning about the squirrels in your [...]

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July 31, 2017

5 Ways to Keep Summer Allergens from Invading Your Home this Season

Summertime allergens are the worst. Check out this this list of ways to keep allergens out of your home this season so that you can fully enjoy your summer.
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July 24, 2017

6 Medicinal Plants You Can Incorporate Into Your Home This Summer

This summer, give your garden a homeopathic edge with this list of medicinal plants to incorporate into your home and garden.
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July 14, 2017

Easy Summer Morning Smoothies You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fun smoothie recipes. Check out these delicious and nutritious recipes from some of our favorite bloggers.
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July 10, 2017

America’s Most Vegan Friendly Cities, and Why We Love Them

Eating vegan in a city can be difficult, but not after you read our list of the top 5 vegan cities in the U.S. with restaurant suggestions.
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July 5, 2017

The Designers Have Spoken, Here Are the Top Color Trends for Summer 2017

The ballot is in, designers' top color choices for summer 2017 have been selected. Read on to find out which color trends made the cut for this season.
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June 26, 2017

10 Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Try these 10 sustainable ways to enhance your home's curb appeal to set your home apart from others on the market; buyers will be knocking on your door!
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