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June 15, 2018

Living the High Life – Considerations When Renting or Buying a Home in the Mountains

Living in a mountain home can seem like a dream come true, offering the potential for beautiful views, clean air, and peace and quiet. While mountainous terrains come in a wide variety of climates, there are some commonalities to keep in mind when considering renting or buying a home in the mountains.
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May 30, 2018

Things to Consider When Buying a Beachfront Home

Dreaming of swaying gently in a hammock while a salty-air breeze whistles through your hair? If you’re like a lot of people, this time of year finds you wistfully wishing you were on a beautiful beach somewhere, sipping on a tall, cool drink while the waves crash in the background. For most of us, the best we can hope for is the occasional beach vacation or day-trip to the ocean. But for those of us who are truly lured by the call of the waves, owning a beach property might be just the thing to soothe your soul.

Before you heed the siren’s call of the ocean and rush out to buy beachfront property, there are many pros and cons to consider and strategies that you can [...]

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May 22, 2018

How to Organize and Conduct a Neighborhood Cleanup

Take a look around your neighborhood – do you see any litter on the sidewalks? What about in the grass? The majority of realtors believe that litter can reduce property values from 7% to 12%, and home buyers report that seeing significant trash would definitely factor into their decision to make an offer on a given property. Litter is not just unattractive, it can also present a physical danger (such as sharp edges on cans and broken glass) or can increase the danger of disease, serving as a reservoir for germs and biological hazards, not to mention the danger to wildlife.

Litter happens in every neighborhood, on every street, and in every business district, [...]

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May 2, 2018

Manufactured Homes – A Viable Option for Low-Cost Living

In 1976, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development set forth federal standards for regulating the construction and performance of housing built in factories. They are built off-site on a steel chassis, with sections transported to the final location, set on a foundation and assembled on site. The national standards typically allow manufactured homes to avoid the complication of having to comply with building codes specific to their destinations. Although manufactured homes are technically “mobile,” they are rarely relocated like a mobile home might be.

Benefits and Convenience

The advantages of manufactured homes are numerous, fueling increased interest [...]

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April 16, 2018

It’s Electric! What You Need to Know about Electrical Panels

A home’s electrical panel is the kind of thing that most people don’t typically think about, that is until they really have to, and then suddenly it becomes one of the most important things in your home! At the very least, be certain that your electrical system is a part of your initial home inspection when buying a new property. Faulty electrical wiring isn’t just extremely expensive to fix but it may even pose a significant fire risk. Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of your electrical panel, there are some incredibly important safety tips to keep in mind to avoid a fatal mistake:

If you feel uncomfortable or lack the experience of dealing with a [...]
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April 2, 2018

Edible Gardens – Today’s Dirt, Tomorrow’s Pantry

It seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a long line of restaurants extolling their wonderful farm-to-table menus. The idea of eating fresh, locally grown food has a great deal of appeal. The food seems tastier, the nutrients may be better, you often get the comfort of knowing your meats and eggs were farmed ethically, and as an added bonus, you’re helping local farmers stay in business. But farm-to-table restaurants can get expensive and may not be convenient to your location.

What can you do when you want the multiple benefits of eating locally grown food without the cost and travel? Go as local as one can go, and consider the benefits of [...]

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March 23, 2018

Modular Homes – What Are They?

Occupying an interesting niche between the durability of a standard built-on-site home and the flexibility of a mobile or manufactured home lies an interesting class of houses – the modular home. Modular homes take some of the best of both of these traditional styles to create a new way to build homes quickly, efficiently, and to a high industry standard. In modular homes, a house is built in large sections in a climate-controlled factory, then shipped and assembled on site by a licensed contractor. Unlike a mobile home, modular construction uses a permanent foundation, but unlike traditional construction, these homes are typically much faster to develop as they virtually eliminate [...]

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March 7, 2018

Understanding Rental and Lease Agreements

When we finally decide to find a place of our own, we’re often excited about the opportunities created by a new home. Shopping for furniture, deciding where to put your favorite art and nick-knacks, and exploring new restaurants and stores are all part of the thrill when looking for a new place to live. However, one aspect of your new home is typically considered at best a nuisance and at worst a source of extreme anxiety and stress — your lease or rental agreement. But don’t let this packet of papers scare you and certainly don’t just turn to the last page to sign it… There’s important information in there that you’ll want to know about before [...]

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February 22, 2018

Renovations That Will Age with You

When hunting for that perfect home, it’s very common to find just the right neighborhood, but no home for sale that exactly meets your needs, or when you do find an ideal layout with smart features and tasteful design, the location might be problematic. A popular strategy is to find the right neighborhood first, then look for a home that might need a little work or may even need major renovations. The nice thing about most renovations is that they can be done over time, working on one area as your timing and funds permit.

Renovations can be an exciting undertaking, giving you the opportunity to really make a house into a home, customized to meet your needs and [...]

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February 20, 2018

Renting Outside the Box

Change the Way You Think About Rentals

When most people think of renting, their thoughts typically turn to large apartment complexes of units all stacked up and ready to occupy. And while this “big box store” approach to apartments certainly has its advantages (offering amenities like a clubhouse and laundry), renters have an opportunity to really stretch their comfort levels when looking for an ideal place to meet their housing needs. One of the biggest advantages to renting is that your commitment tends to be lower, in terms of both finances and time. You’ll have less riding on making the “perfect” choice. If a rental isn’t ideal, you’ll [...]

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February 16, 2018

How to Design an Exceptional Home Office

As technologies evolve and workforces become more diverse and specialized, more Americans are avoiding the traditional model of going into an office from 9-to-5. Individuals and companies are both realizing the value of having a flexible workforce that can work from home, taking a blended workplace/home office approach to their job. This approach has several advantages including the opportunity to respond to problems and needs as they arise, the ability to work in a quiet space away from corporate distractions, and cost savings relating to minimizing operational expenses for the business. You may also have the added advantage come tax time of being able to deduct $5 per square foot [...]

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February 12, 2018

Cities Derived from Love

Love is in the Air

Modern Valentine’s Day is a far cry from its roots in Ancient Rome, which celebrated the Lupercalia festival in mid-February. Our current Valentine’s Day focuses more on poetic cards, sweet chocolates, and beautiful flowers exchanged with people we love. But love isn’t confined to a dozen long-stem roses or a delicious box of chocolates; it can be found in all sorts of places! They can be a romantic start for a new family, memorable wedding venue, honeymoon destination, or just a place to rekindle love.

Loveland, CO

Where Love Lives

If straightforward love is what [...]

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