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August 17, 2017

Low-Water Planting in San Francisco, California

The mild winters and dry summers in neighborhoods like the Richmond District around San Francisco can be a real dream, offering some of our nation’s most comfortable year-round climate for everyone from young families to retirees. While the climate can be wonderful for people, it can take a bit of planning when thinking about your garden and landscaping. Different areas of the United States get different levels of annual rainfall and daily sun, so it’s always important to keep in mind which plants are native your region and which may need to be avoided. But regardless of your local climate, plants that conserve water or are drought-resistant can make really good sense, allowing [...]

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August 15, 2017

Unique Architecture of New Orleans, Louisiana

Originally founded by the French then ruled by the Spanish for decades, New Orleans is truly an amazing place with a vibrant history, spectacular cuisine and a wonderfully rich multi-cultural approach to life. New Orleans is also a unique destination with a very distinct look and feel about it, reflected by the incredible architecture that can be found throughout the city. As one of America’s oldest cities, some buildings date back to the 18th century and almost half of its buildings were built before World War II. Historic districts each make their own statements, from the iconic bars and shops of the French Quarter along Bourbon Street, to the storybook mansions that line St. [...]

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August 4, 2017

Trending Cities – Sacramento vs. Grand Rapids

Deciding where to live can be one of the most important, and stressful, decisions that a person can make. Your hometown will impact your career, your children’s schools, your circle of friends, your cost of living, and even the taxes you’ll pay. When making these types of decisions, one common trick is to break the decision into small components, then comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities between the two. Think about what you like most, what you like least. Map out what are your “must haves” versus your “wants” to start to get a handle on what is most important to you in a new place. In this article we’ve done just that [...]

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August 4, 2017

City Spotlight – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is a beautiful, bustling destination for working families, retirees, young adults, and vacationers that offers a wide array of world-renown art exhibits, sprawling golf courses and recreation centers, farm-to-table restaurants and breweries. The city is Michigan’s second largest city, serving as business headquarters to many multinational companies including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Alticor, Meijer, and Zondervan.

Weather and Climate

Grand Rapid’s climate is humid continental, meaning that seasonal temperatures vary widely and precipitation is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, with warm, humid summers, cold, snowy winters, and short, [...]

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August 1, 2017

Unique Architecture of Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is an iconic American city with a long history and rich culture, offering a revealing glimpse into many aspects of our country’s past, present, and future. The unique architectures of the city encapsulates this theme, with many different approaches to homes, businesses, and public spaces prevalent in this area. Common historic styles represented in Charleston include the Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Italianate, Greek Revival, Victorian, and Art Deco styles. Regardless of whether you’re visiting or living in the city, there’s a treasure trove of buildings to see and tour.


One of Charleston’s oldest examples of [...]

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July 21, 2017

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida is a beautiful place to live with hundreds of miles of lovely beaches, dozens of fun attractions for the whole family, warm winters, rich cultural experiences, and friendly locals ready to welcome new homeowners to the area. Unfortunately, one other group is also ready to welcome new visitors and residents – individuals of the genus Aedes, the ever pesky mosquito. There are currently around 80 different species of mosquito that have been identified in Florida, and while less than half of them bother humans or domestic animals, none of them are a wanted guest around your garden and picnics.

The good news is that mosquito problems, no matter where you live, are [...]

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July 20, 2017

Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Live

Deciding on where to live can be one of the most important and stressful decisions you and your family will make. So many aspects of your life is linked to where you live, including where you work, what schools your family will go to, the friends everyone will meet, the types of activities that will fill your days, and the opportunities to enjoy the world around you. But like any other daunting task, the decision of where to live can be best accomplished by breaking it down it smaller choices, then narrowing the field from there. Take into consideration a place’s climate, arts and culture, history, economic strength, schools, and more. It’s important to not only weigh and [...]

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July 4, 2017

Save the Bees: Best Plants for Pollinators Native to Sacramento

Why all the buzz about bees? Bees are one of the natural world’s most industrious pollinators. Honey bees are responsible for around 80 percent of pollination worldwide, and various other species like bumblebees and carpenter bees handle much of the rest. Bees are a gardener’s best friend, ensuring that flowers will continue blooming every year and pollinating garden crops – especially fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Native flowers especially rely on the native bees they evolved alongside. Unfortunately, honey bee populations worldwide are crashing, and many native bees are struggling, due in part to habitat loss, pesticides, nutrition deficiencies, and more. [...]

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