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July 23, 2015

Home Lighting 101: Brightening Up or Setting the Mood

We all want our homes to look amazing, and choosing the right lighting is a big part of accomplishing that seemingly simple goal. Fortunately, achieving great lighting doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Check out these easy and affordable home lighting tips to make your house look even more beautiful than it already is.

Showcase Your Home’s Best Features

If your home is like most, there are certain design aspects you’re especially pleased with, and perhaps a few others you’d rather not draw attention to. By spotlighting aesthetically pleasing architectural flourishes, choice pieces of furniture, and tasteful artwork, you can direct attention to the parts of your home [...]

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July 16, 2015

Four Creative Chalkboard Project Ideas

Nothing makes me smile like chalkboard. Maybe it’s the erasability. Maybe it’s the little specks of chalk on the black background. Maybe it’s the ability to create any word, drawing or picture you want… and then start all over with a blank slate.

Or maybe it’s the projects.

Here’s a few in case you need a smile today.

 Over-sized chalkboard

Have a giant wall that needs to be filled? Here’s an inexpensive DIY idea you can create in an afternoon.

Paint a large piece of plywood with chalkboard paint. Let dry. Purchase crown molding at the home [...]

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July 1, 2015

Decorating with Mason Jars

I was into mason jars when mason jars weren’t cool. My mother used them every summer. I think she had some left over from canning, and she thought they would make amazing glasses. And she was right.

I spent many a summer day with my toes in the green grass and the crickets chirping and the sun shining… with a mason jar full of sweet tea.

Want to add a little mason jar to your life? Here’s some projects and ideas on how to decorate with mason jars.

 Add fruit and flowers

Add color to a back porch or outdoor space with mason jars used as vases. Fill with limes or lemons; [...]

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June 22, 2015

The Perfect Window Treatments for Any Room

The perfect window treatments for your house depend on the window you’re dressing and your home’s unique style. In order to get the perfect match between window and treatment, here are some helpful tips from interior design professionals at Hometalk. They’ve got the experience, the expertise, and the style to make the elements of your home blend seamlessly together and create a unique and attractive style.


Shades are a no fuss, no muss way of gaining some privacy and limiting the amount of light that floods your room. These features make shades an excellent option for the bedroom, kitchen, or any window which sits behind a desk, dresser, table, or other low piece of [...]

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Home Lighting 101: Brightening Up or Setting the Mood
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