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December 9, 2016

Organizing Projects for the New Year

Come January 1, it will be out with the Christmas tree—and in with the organizing. It’s time to find a place for everything and keep everything in its place. The key is reworking, refiling, and reordering. Celebrate the coming of the new year with some simple organizing projects for your office, your craft room, your kitchen and all your holiday décor. Here are a few organizing ideas and a little inspiration to get you started.

Craft Closet Organization Ideas: Organize gift wrap supplies on a peg board with dowel rods to hold the wrapping paper in place and hooks for scissors, ribbon, and tape. Purchase simple bins from the dollar store, place on a shelf or table top, label [...]
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December 7, 2016

Looking Up: 6 Kitchen Organization Tricks You’ll Love

Is your kitchen in short supply of counter space and cabinet storage? Revamp your space by looking up: try these 6 kitchen organization tricks we love!
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November 23, 2016

Holiday Storage Tips

The holidays are right around the corner, and while we all love the celebrations, it can be a bit stressful! Decorating, hosting, cooking - there’s always so much to do! Here are a few organizational items that will help you truly enjoy this magical season!
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November 23, 2016

Ask Anna: How To Be An Organized Hostess This Holiday Season

The holidays are my favorite time of year! I love the colors, the decorations, even the smell of the air, and I also love having people over and hosting big dinners. However, I know that a lot of people aren’t like me, and the thought of hosting friends and/or family for the holidays can seem quite daunting. Don’t worry! I’m here to give you some great tips for how to be an organized hostess this holiday season, and I can promise that they work because I’ve used them for years!

1. Be YOU

via Pinterest

The most important thing to remember when hosting is to be YOU. Your house [...]

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October 14, 2016

Storage for Small Spaces

Based on my last article, “Make Your Move Seamless”, I think you can gather that I have recently gone through the challenge of moving! While I am thrilled about our new home, I will miss my little condo! Condo life taught me a lot about home ownership, but the number one thing it taught me was how to maximize storage in small spaces, a skill needed no matter how big your home is! Here are the best things I learned about how to make the most of your small spaces and some products that helped me immensely during my 10 years of condo living!

Laundry Room

Let’s face it, doing laundry is no one’s favorite chore, so having a small laundry room does nobody any favors [...]

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October 6, 2016

7 Tips to Add Savvy Storage to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s safe to say that nobody wants a cluttered space when preparing dinner, working at the counter or simply spending time with family and friends. By keeping your kitchen tidy and organized, you can spend more time cooking a tasty meal instead of digging around for a long-lost casserole dish. From affordable additions to more extensive upgrades, here are seven easy tips to quickly add savvy storage to your kitchen.

1. Consider Open Shelving

Increase storage and keep things within reach with prettily arranged open shelving. Not only does open shelving put lovely, often-used items on display, but going vertical with storage also [...]

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September 27, 2016

How To Organize Decor, Season to Season

It’s getting to that time of year when we pull out our fall decorations, then Halloween decor, then Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas. While that change of seasons is so exciting, decorating can be a frustrating experience if you aren’t organized and are left rummaging through boxes because you can’t find something. So, today I’m going to share the best way to store seasonal decorations, to set yourself up for success each year when it’s time to get them down!

Here’s what you need: Clear plastic storage bins Label maker Trash can, or donation box

Let me explain some of those items. First, I always recommend using clear storage bins [...]

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August 31, 2016

Ask Anna: Back To School Organization

I don’t know about you, but even though I love spending summers with my kids I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when school starts back up! This is us, and some of our friends, on the first day of school. I love my kids, but I also love having some space, time to work, time to workout, and time to take a shower! However, when they get home from school and unload their stuff all over the place… it’s back to chaos. Today I’m going to share some helpful organization tips that we use in our household, to keep the back-to-school clutter at bay.

1. Backpack Organization

In our laundry room I have hooks that I hung up just for backpacks and my daughter’s [...]

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