Since its founding, Akron continues to be a center of technological innovation. Initially famous for its rubber production, Akron was home to major rubber and tire manufacturers, including Goodyear, Firestone, and General Tire. At this time, Goodyear continues to be located in Akron. Currently, Akron is at the center of Polymer Valley and home to 94 polymer-related companies and the National Polymer Innovation Center, as well as the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, continuing to pioneer exciting advances in high technology. Akron is also a leader in medical innovation; its Akron Children's Hospital was the first in the world to successfully treat burn victims with lab-grown human skin, and its Akron City Hospital and St. Thomas Hospital are considered among the best hospitals in America.

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An active, prosperous city, Akron combines several towns and industries and boasts 21 neighborhoods. Founded in 1825, Akron continues to build, develop and merge in response to changing times, resulting in huge diversity of architecture and neighborhoods. Including apartments and single-family homes, properties range from new developments to downtown Art Deco, to impressive historic homes in West Hill and the Oakdale Historic District.

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