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Downtown Ambler combines good eateries, entertainment, and shopping. It has been designed to support small businesses and to allow for easy access through convenient walkways. If you love shopping, main street offers bakeries, a bridal shop, a music shop, hardware store, clothing boutiques and many more options. This area also offers diverse and delicious restaurants, bars, a pizzeria, sandwich shop, grille, a deli and many other food options. You will be able to explore this region over and over again with your friends and your family. The downtown also has multiple gym and wellness centers along with music and dancing studios. Lastly, the main street is a hub for entertainment within the epic architecture of the Ambler Theater.

Ambler, Pennsylvania is a beautiful eastern city with a great combination of history and easily accessible recreational and shopping activities. For luxurious, large homes on well-manicured lawns, look at the Gwynedd neighborhood in Northwestern Avenue. Because of ample rain and snow, Ambler stays green and lush throughout the spring and summer months. Ambler also offers single and multistory single-family wood and brick homes to suit a tighter budget. If you like a city with history and a diverse array of housing options, Ambler is a great city for you.

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