The county seat of Anne Arundel County is Annapolis, which is also home to the Maryland state capital and government. With its historic waterfront downtown on cobbled streets, Annapolis offers residents a selection of dining, entertainment, shopping and cultural attractions. Homes in downtown Annapolis can date back centuries, while a little further out are larger, more suburban style homes. Fort Meade is the home of the U.S. Army post as well as the National Security Agency, or the NSA. Fort Meade inhabitants live in the multi-family communities centered within the base's gates or in townhomes and apartments outside of the official borders. Severna Park, a more upscale community, gives homeowners sprawling single family homes in a wooded locale and access to the many community amenities such as pools, stables, bike trails, and the many parks. Hanover, which has recently surged in growth, is home to the new casino mecca of Maryland Live! and the large shopping complex of Arundel Mills. Outside of the shopping and casino zones are masses of townhome communities, restaurants, chain stores and hotels.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland, lies along the western tidal basin of the Chesapeake Bay. With origins dating back to the 17th century, Anne Arundel County is known as a center for pleasant, waterfront living. Homes in the area range from marina based single family home communities, rural properties with large parcels of land to more densely packed duplexes and townhouses.

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