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Homeowners looking to save money while relocating might look into buying a foreclosed house. Foreclosed property is often in need of repair, renovation and maintenance. However, with the right amount of planning and sufficient research in advance, one can save a great deal on costs and turn the move into an opportunity. Thousands of foreclosed homes are currently in the market in Arizona, and the Grand Canyon State is a great place to live, catering to many different interests.

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Though Arizona's flat, barren landscape and harsh desert climate might be unappealing to some, there is a great deal of beauty to be found in the environment of the large southwestern state, and a number of enjoyable things to do. In addition to a number of national parks and preserves showcasing the unique desert ecosystem and ancient rock formations that define the state, Arizona is also home to a few famous national landmarks, including the state's namesake Grand Canyon; carved by the Colorado River and a destination for hiking, rafting, sightseeing and aerial tours, and the Four Corners Monument marking the single location where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah converge. Manmade landmarks include the Hoover Dam, Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium in Tempe, and the experimental research facility Biosphere 2. Chase Field, Talking Stick Resort Arena and the University of Phoenix Stadium reflect Arizona's lively college and professional sports community.