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Foreclosures can be the best way to purchase a home. They cost a lot less because the bank wants to sell them quickly and make money off of them. Sometimes foreclosures are move-in ready. Other times, they need some fixing up first. The fixer-uppers are even cheaper, if you don't mind putting in the work. Arkansas has some amazing foreclosures for sale; some are as little as $10,000 for a 2 bedroom home and $25,000 for a four bedroom.

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Arkansas has some amazing attractions, entertainment, culture, and sights. If you want to have some fun with your family, the Alma Aquatic Park is a great place to go. It features a large pool and several water slides for all ages. For a fun weekend away, you can check out the Clear Creek Campground, which is also located in Alma. You can find many art and music events around Arkansas, along with many nightclubs and other fantastic nightlife. If you want something more relaxing, check out the sightseeing, dinner riverboat cruises. The state is known for its small art towns, such as Eureka Springs and Bentonville. They feature many museums, art galleries, and community theaters. No matter which type of art you enjoy, you'll find it in Arkansas.