Though Belleville is in Illinois, it is much closer to Missouri's city of St. Louis than to any major urban centers of its own state. At only 17 miles from the capital of Missouri, Belleville, Illinois has easy access to all of the amenities and attractions that the sprawling city has to display. However, the town has much to offer residents in the way of enjoyment without them ever having to leave the city limits. This town is home to the second-oldest orchestra in the country, and astoundingly large blues, jazz and rock scenes that are very much alive and active on any given night of the week, making Belleville the perfect home for music enthusiasts of any genre.

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Belleville, Illinois is named after a French term meaning "beautiful city." Indeed, this town manages to live up to expectations, as one of the most desirable suburban areas in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Many of the homes here are a bit older, built in the 1950's or 60's, which gives each of them a well-preserved charm. However, there are also several homes with have been built within the past ten years, which can be had for a reasonable price for anyone who prefers the modern amenities that recent constructions have to offer.

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