Covering just over one square mile (some of which is water), Belleville is truly tiny, and provides that comforting atmosphere associated with such a small town. Just under 4000 people call the community home, and some commute the 15 miles to Ann Arbor or 29 miles to Detroit. Every year, visitors flock to the flourishing town for the Strawberry festival, an annual gathering of food, community, and local economy. With a historic reputation for being the resort town that urbanites would retreat to from the big city, Belleville still maintains that feeling of being a vacation spot. Visitors and city residents alike frequent the well-maintained historic downtown area, which serves as a support to many of the Belleville local businesses as well as hosting more than 200 days per year of fun activities and events. Amazingly, there are four newspapers serving the tiny area, so the citizens of Belleville are never at a shortage for a headline.

Belleville, Michigan, lives up to the meaning of its name: beautiful town. Stretched alongside the gorgeous shores of Belleville Lake, the community is a charming image of a small, Midwestern town convenient to Detroit and Ann Arbor. Many of the homes in Belleville are tucked cozily into tree-lined avenues or situated precisely on the lake with a stunning view of the cool blue water. Demure ranch-style houses are popular, while there are also many spacious, two or three-story homes available.

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