Bellevue sits alongside Lake Washington, which acts as a natural divide between Bellevue and Seattle. The city has two separate highways that connect it to Seattle, which lessens congestion into the major city. The east side of Bellevue is bordered by Lake Sammamish, and the city has views of both the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains when the sky is clear of overcast and fog. Those who love adventure and the outdoors find Bellevue and the surrounding areas to be a mecca of possibility. In addition to the many trails in the city itself, King County as a whole is ripe with geography that offers natural outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and biking. It is also only a short ride to skiing in the winter.

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Bellevue, Washington is a quickly growing city in King County. It is approximately 30 minutes from Seattle, and houses many individuals who work in the tech industry, specifically those employed by Microsoft. Bellevue has a mixture of residential homes and condos. Newly developed condominiums are quickly emerging in the city's downtown area, while the more residential areas have more traditional Pacific Northwest houses that have existed for the past few decades. Bellevue is the second largest city in Washington after Seattle.

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