Hackensack is the largest city in the county, about 12 miles from midtown Manhattan. Mixing the metropolitan with the suburban, housing options in Hackensack include a small but trendy highrise neighborhood, classic single-family suburban zones and large garden apartments. Just east of Hackensack lies Teaneck, a community full of the single-family homes common to its post-WWII heyday. While much of Bergen County can be seen as the prototype for modern American suburbia, it is also full of parks, rivers and relaxing landscapes well out of the shadow of New York's skyscrapers. Palisades Interstate Park and the New Jersey Meadowlands offer gorgeous river and marsh views a stone's throw away from the vibrant city life.

Bergen County, New Jersey is truly one of America's first suburbs. Located directly across the Hudson River from New York City, Bergen County is home to many commuters with families, and has a mixture of large, older single-family homes and neighborhoods full of new developments and gated communities. The wealthiest county in New Jersey, Bergen County sees a wide range of home prices, starting around $300,000 for a modest 3-bedroom, to prices that easily jump into the millions.

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