With home appreciation and other positive economic factors on the rise, the cost of living in Billings Montana is slightly above the national average. However, unemployment is nearly half that of the rest of the country and the city's median home price is approximately $200,000 when considering natural market fluctuation. If you purchased a home in Billings, Montana, your commute to work would be about 8 minutes shorter than the median commute taken by your peers nationwide. Agriculture is a large part of Billings' economy. Another sizeable component of the economic landscape is natural resource processing. Montana's mountain access makes energy refinement a logical source of business.

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Unbeknown to many prospective homebuyers, the city of Billings, Montana is home to many residential jewels. Multi-bedroom, single family homes with pitched roofs are plentiful in the city's west end as well as estate-style properties that extend over acres of land. Picturesque subdivisions lie in postcard fashion against the rugged scenery of a mountainous backdrop. In the winter, the snow-capped mountains provide an arrestingly beautiful contrast to the residential development below.

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