The city of Birmingham offers a unique environment in the South. Before construction began, the city was planned with numbered streets and avenues with a central area for railroad transportation. In the 1970's, a neighborhood association network was created to encourage resident participation in government issues and zoning policies. Birmingham was selected to host the 2021 World Games, the first American city since 1981 to receive this honor. Clearly, this city has more than enough to offer its roughly 250,000 residents and the rest of the world.

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Once known as the Pittsburgh of the South, Birmingham, Alabama, is so much more than the steel and mining town it used to be. Located in the Jones Valley, Birmingham is a mid-sized city that is now a leader in business and banking. The downtown area is experiencing a rebirth and has lofts and condos for those who prefer life in the city center. One of its suburbs, Highland Park, was named as a 2011 America's Great Place by the American Planning Association.

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