Blythewood may be a small town, but the city and its residents have big dreams and plans to help them achieve those dreams. This community is working hard to enrich the lives of the nearly 2200 residents. The town put together a 10 year plan meant to increase family-centric activities, beautify the downtown area, add unique shops and restaurants, bring in culture with the arts and make Blythewood a sought after location. In 2010 the town was awarded an Outstanding Planning Project Award by the American Planning Association for this very plan. With this plan and these dreams, the city is aiming to become a truly thriving small town community. If you are looking for a town with ambition and the dedication to flourish, then you need to highly consider Blythewood, South Carolina.

Blythewood, South Carolina, is a small town in the central part of the state. As a small town, there tends to be more room for bigger houses and bigger yards. Many of the homes in beautiful Blythewood are large traditional homes. You can find some rental opportunities, but many of the residents of this small South Carolina town are home owners rather than renters.

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