This town may have a small-time vibe, but the history contained within its 18.51 square miles is nearly immeasurable. Over twenty-two houses, parks and various other locations within the town's borders have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, marking them as historically significant in either experiences or events held there, or perhaps just by their age. Around the mid-19th century, Bowie, Maryland became the center of the new and booming locomotives business. The business brought in along by train allowed the economy of the town to explode, promoting the growth of the population and attracting the attention of businesses. Thanks to this, Bowie is currently the third largest city in the state of Maryland, though it is not the most populated

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Bowie, Maryland offers a comfortable way of life for those who aren't quite up to living with the constant bustle of the city, but still require easy access for business purposes. The town is perfect for those who require a little elbow room, and offers simple lots for those who wish to design their own homes. The area has many homes for sale, ranging from small and affordable single households with yards that require little maintenance, to huge houses surrounded by rolling fields.

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