Though the 17.2 square miles of Brighton, Colorado are mostly filled with houses and families, the town is also the home of two Vestas manufacturing plants, one which create blades for wind turbines and the other serving as a nacelle manufacturing area. The presence of these factories create an estimated 1,350 employment opportunities for nearby residents. Because the area is so open (as many residential areas are), walking to and from work might be a challenge, and so for those who call this town home, having reliable access to a vehicle is crucial to the maintenance of a career. Though reaching their place of employment might pose a bit of a challenge for some residents, finding one to begin with should be easy enough with the several opportunities to be found within Brighton.

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Brighton, Colorado is a largely residential area, and as such has many houses to offer potential buyers. The majority of these houses are single family detached homes with plenty of space for growth. Though some of the homes are older, this adds a decidedly charming air to the place, and gives the town a vibe of small-town life that has since left much of the United States behind. This gives the town a unique and cozy setting in which buyers may settle down or start a family.

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