Currently and historically, the plethora of neighborhoods within Brooklyn are distinguished by the large concentrations of ethnicities that live in each one, though the bustling working nature of the region means there's a great deal of day-to-day intermingling to make for a unique melting pot culture. About 44% of the population works within the borough's boundaries, while the majority commutes to the surrounding area. In terms of local employment, Brooklyn is home to a large number of financial back offices from businesses in nearby Manhattan. The economy is largely construction and service-based, as opposed to the focus on manufacturing that dominated the area until the 1970s. Many banks and credit unions also operate here. With a wide variety of public and private institutions including higher education campuses like Brooklyn College and the Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn has plenty of room for younger citizens as well.

In spite of its relatively average size of around 97 square miles, Brooklyn, New York is the most populous borough of New York City, packing in over 2.6 million people. Suffice it to say that if you like a large and diverse density of citizens, Brooklyn might just be the place for you to find your new home. With a massive population comes a great sense of community, hence the borough's Dutch motto: Endraght Maeckt Maght meaning "In unity, there is strength."

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