The most populous and well-known city in Broward County is Ft. Lauderdale. It is popular with tourists and enjoys a balmy year-round average temperature of just over 75 degrees. It has some of the state's most visited beaches and it is known for its great shopping and dining, as well as it extensive waterways and canals. Ft. Lauderdale isn't the only great city in Broward County though. Unsurprisingly, six cities within the county were voted in the top ten cities to live in all of Florida. Of those six, Deerfield Beach came up as number two. It is located north of Ft. Lauderdale and boasts some of the cleanest and least crowded beaches in the area, beautiful homes and a relaxed atmosphere. Coral Springs is also located in Broward County and was ranked the number one city to live in all of Florida. It is a safe and less populated area that has its own distinct feel. Its amenities include an open-air downtown shopping and entertainment area called The Walk.

Broward County is in the popular southern part of Florida, with its sunny skies and beautiful beaches. Now is a great time to be a homeowner in Broward County, which is known for its beachy, tile-roofed homes. Its resale market is the strongest it has been in decades, as sale prices rise and the market retains a strong inventory and demand for homes. New homes continue to be built across the county, particularly in the city of Parkland, despite shortages of available land.

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