Shepherdsville is Bullitt County's seat, located on the banks of the Salt River. Quiet and historic, the population does not exceed 12,000, and retains an old-timey small town charm. Hillview lies along Interstate 65, and is considered a suburb of Louisville. Lebanon Junction, in the southern part of the county, is a quaint village that has become a popular canoeing destination along the Salt River. Well outside the hustle and bustle of Louisville, the villages that dot Bullitt County take pride in their slow and easy pace. However, the city lights are only a short drive away for anyone seeking a little more excitement, giving Bullitt County residents the best of both worlds.

Just south of Louisville in Kentucky's rolling hills, Bullitt County is home to bluegrass and Fort Knox. Homes in this region remain relatively inexpensive, with 3- and 4-bedroom houses available for well under $200,000. Single family houses with acres to spare are the norm throughout most of the county, with most structures built in the late 20th Century.

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