Because of its location, Centreville and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of entertainment and activities. The area is popular with history lovers. Within 10 miles of the center of Centreville, you can visit Manassas National Battlefield Park, the Confederate Memorial, and the Fairfax Museum. Other areas of interest that are not too far away include Fort Ward Park, Museum, and Historic Site, and the Arlington National Cemetery. The heart of Washington, D.C. is easy to get to, which provides a wealth of history and activities. There are a number of parks within the city of Centreville, and there quite a few shopping centers and malls within miles. A variety of restaurants and bars can be found in the neighborhood, satisfying all types of cravings.

The workforce in Centreville is decidedly white-collar, with almost 90 percent of the population working in professional careers. Popular occupations include management, math, computer science, and administration. Many people commute to work, often almost 35 minutes each way, and the extensive public transportation is used widely. The community consists of highly educated individuals, with over half of them holding a bachelor's or more advanced degree. The community has a good school system and a low crime rate, which makes it a good choice for families. Many of the residents are also single and young, which means that the area offers a lot of things to do.

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