Living in Cerritos is a great experience for those who prefer the warmer weather. The sun shines for most of the year, and there are plenty of amenities in the area that are easy to get to by foot, car or public transportation. There are 59% less violent crimes in this city than there are in the state of California, which is why it is considered a slightly safer place for families and singles to live. The homes cost more, but that is partly due to the ease of getting around, lower crime rate and excellent schools in the city. Students who live in this city are 15% more likely to graduate than those living in other areas of California.

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With a population of less than 50,000, Cerritos is a fairly warm city in the state of California. It is only located 30 minutes away from the heavily populated area of Los Angeles. The temperature often stays warm throughout the whole year. There are plenty of homes on the market in this area, many of which cater to large and mid-size families. Both single-family and multi-family properties are available. Many of these homes are single-detached dwellings instead of row homes.

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