Cherry Hill is an ideal choice for anyone looking to relocate or purchase a second home in the mid-Atlantic region. Located in southern New Jersey, the township is barely twenty minutes from Philadelphia and Trenton, less than two hours from New York, and within three hours of Washington, D.C. Additionally, well-known shore points are only an hour away, including popular destinations such as Atlantic City, Stone Harbor, Margate, Ocean City and Cape May. New York, Delaware and Maryland beaches are not much farther. The township boasts a strong economy as well, and acts as headquarters to several major businesses such as Swanson, Duncan Hines, Subaru of America and others. Many residents who are not actually employed in Cherry Hill also make the easy commute to nearby major hubs such as Philadelphia and New York for work.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey offers a great mix of city and suburban living in a centralized location that provides access to several major hubs as well as mid-Atlantic shore points. Living up to the state's nickname as the Garden State, the township is a sprawling greenway filled with tree-lined streets and numerous parks. It is more than just a sleepy suburb, however, with plenty to see and do. Cherry Hill offers competitive home pricing as well, with a diverse mix of singles, townhouses, ranchers, and split-levels nestled away in quiet cul de sacs.

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