Two schools districts serve the Chesterfield area. The Rockwood School District caters to students in the western part of the city, while the Parkway School District focuses on eastern residents. There are multiple public elementary, middle and high schools in the area as well as a number of private education institutions. The town is host to the Logan College of Chiropractic, which is a specialized university offering undergraduate and graduate level courses. The town has a bustling economy and companies like Kellwood, Broadstripe, Diebergs and Reinsurance Group of America have headquarters in the city. However, the region's biggest employer is St. Luke's Hospital.

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If you want a balance between city and rural amenities, try the suburbs of Chesterfield Missouri. The area is filled with family homes with two, three and four bedrooms. You can easily find a home with a front or backyard as well as a garage. On the other hand, if you prefer a condominium, Chesterfield has plenty to offer. Again, it won't be hard to find a multiple bedroom property that can suit your need. If you'd rather build you home, you have the choice between many lots in excellent locations.

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