This is the place to live in southern California if you are looking to climb the ladder of the working community toward financial success. The unemployment rate is more than two percent below the national average, with the projected future job growth and income per capita well above that figure. With greater focus on making money comes greater focus on the far-reaching fields of healthcare, computers, finance and sales, which together employ over half of Chino Hills' total working population. It is also worth noting that the day to day education of the city's younger citizens is taken quite seriously here. The moniker of California Distinguished School has been awarded to 13 of the 14 public grade schools over the last few years. Campuses for Chaffey College and Biola University are present in the city, with Cal Poly Pomona being the nearest four-year university.

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If you have the mentality for a hard-working lifestyle, the community of Chino Hills, California is a location you ought to consider when searching for a new home in the Golden State. It is a city of a fairly standard size, with around 45 square miles of land and nearly 77,000 citizens, making for a comfortable yet bustling atmosphere. Condominiums tend to be the focus of the local real estate market at the moment, so if you're able to spend the necessary money in the realm of $250,000 for one, it's time to pay a visit.

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