Overall, Citrus Heights is a great destination for working middle class citizens to plant their roots and continue with their professional lives. Unemployment is nearly two percentage points below the national average, while both recent and future job growth numbers sit above the national figure. As with many cities throughout California, the largest percentages of jobs held by the citizens in Citrus Heights are in the sales, finance and business fields, with a sizable portion also involved in construction. The San Juan Unified School District operates 13 public grade schools within the city's borders for younger citizens to attend, while local higher education campuses include Carrington College and Citrus Heights Beauty College.

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Those who have lived in a large city for most of their lives often come to a point in which they feel the need to move to the stability offered by the suburbs. If you are one of those people, and the idea of living in the Golden State is one that appeals to you, consider the city of Citrus Heights, California. The houses and condominiums of the area are built for functionality, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, often with the addition of a fairly large green yard space for family usage.

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