Clifton is not only close to New York City. It has a lot to offer on its own merit as well. Clifton is home to about 85,000 people. The residents of Clifton get many opportunities to become more involved in their community. History is a huge part of Clifton, and because of that there are historic societies that you can join if you are a resident there. The city of Clifton organizes events for the community, and if you're interested you can join those boards. Otherwise you can just enjoy the community fellowship offered at art events, concerts, city picnics and the like. Clifton offers you a small town feel very close to a big city. You get to live someplace where you can make a big difference. Not every city offers that.

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Clifton, New Jersey is located just ten miles west of New York City. Because it is located so near New York City, it is a great place to live. You can find all sorts of houses in Clifton including quaint Tudors, quirky Craftsman, traditional ranch and homey Cape Cod. If you aren't looking for a single family home, you can also find condos, townhomes or apartments. If you're looking for a home near New York City, but you want a bit more house, you should start looking in Clifton.

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