One of 137 charter townships in the state of Michigan, Clinton Township has its own government, which grants it more flexibility in organization. This, plus its close proximity to the larger city of Detroit, makes it the perfect place for those who want to live closer to the city but don't want to actually live there or within the jurisdiction of a larger county. You can find 12 different recreational areas in Clinton Township, one of which is the recently added Clinton Township Arboretum. The place is filled with lush forested spots as well as lots of fresh, young trees that will someday grow to be around one hundred feet tall. Citizens can purchase a tree here and have a commemorative plaque installed. All contributions further the addition of more trees and plants to the arboretum, which sprawls between neighborhoods.

Clinton Township is a charter township in Michigan. It is a peaceful community with a range of homes for sale for both the conservative and luxurious budget. There are several suburban-style subdivisions with smaller 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom homes available as well as plenty of sizeable lots over half a square acre-a range that reflects the economic diversity of the area. This beautiful community has more parks and recreational areas than any other township in Michigan, so there is never a shortage of things to do in Clinton Township.

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