The borough's current financial situation is quite strong. The average income per capita and median total family income is well above the national average. Though the highest percentage of Collingswood citizens are employed in the sales and finance sectors, the relatively small population means that there are still opportunities for other pursuits in the surrounding area. If you'll be bringing a family, educational options are solid, with the Collingsworth Public Schools having a student-teacher ratio of 11.34:1. Nearby universities include Rutgers-Camden and Camden County College.

If you're on the market for a new home, consider looking into the borough of Collingswood, New Jersey. You'll have many neighbors, as the population of around 14,000 is quite dense considering the town's area of less than two square miles. In spite of the very close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, real estate in Collingswood is relatively affordable, with the median home price sitting at just over $200,000. The houses here are largely in cottage style, though there are some options with greater yard space.

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