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Colorado is a beautiful state known for rustic charm, mountain views, and skiing. Colorado has a fairly even amount of urban, suburban, and rural areas. Whether you want to live in the city or out in the mountains with no neighbors in sight, you can find whatever you desire in Colorado. Colorado's beauty comes with a price; however, you can find foreclosures for less than $100,000. If you want the gorgeous mountain views without the high cost that comes with them, browsing foreclosures is the way to go.

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There are many different amazing things to do in Colorado. If you love music, you will love the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It's an open-air amphitheatre made completely out of a giant rock structure. The massive rock structure was originally known as the Garden of Angels and later changed to the Garden of Titans. It was eventually purchased by the city of Denver and turned into the most amazing amphitheatre you can imagine. If you want to go exploring, your options are endless. You can visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park near Alamosa, relax in the Strawberry Park Hot Springs, and explore the amazing mountain roads. Of course, if you're ready for some physical action, you can always go mountain climbing or skiing.