It may be the fodder of pop culture references, but Compton, California, has seen a revitalization in recent years that is drawing in more homebuyers every day. Real estate in Compton is distinctive, historic, and welcoming. This attractive real estate, proximity to Los Angeles, and rising home values are all giving Compton a new reputation. Investors and families alike have picked up on Compton's recent upswing, and house hunters won't be disappointed by what they find within this city's 10.12 square miles.

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Compton, California, boasts an impressive array of homes ranging from craftsman construction to modern pads, and in some ways, the diversity of the real estate market reflects the diversity of the town's more than 96,000 residents. Neighborhoods like Sunny Cove, Richland, and Leland reveal the spacious homes that populate the city's beautiful residential areas. Architecture influenced by traditional Spanish styles as well as mid-century Californian styles can be seen in some of the homes.

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