The city was originally founded in 1822. It was named after Congressman Leonard Covington, a General in the United States Army. A few years after the city was established, a railroad was built. This stimulated growth in the area. Today, Covington is filled with history. The North Covington Historic District and the Covington Historic District are both included in the National Register of Historic Places. These districts have special ordinances and regulations regarding changes to the properties. Updates to homes or buildings in the area usually require permits. In addition to these locations, the Covington Mill Village adds to the history of the area. This location is home to the county courthouse, Salem campground, and brick store. Town residents love these historic areas and the individuality they bring to the city.

Covington, Georgia is a smaller town located in Newton County. The city is 35 miles southeast of Atlanta, and it has a population of over 13,000. This town is filled with affordable homes for Georgia residents. Many of the homes are larger in size, with plenty of land for the homeowners. Residents love the architecture and beauty of the area. They also enjoy the community feel that is present around the town.

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