With its close proximity to Eglin Air Force Base, Crestview has become its own little melting pot. Having so many jobs right at the residents' fingertips has been a major factor in increasing its economic growth and bringing more development to the area. Along with normal residential expansion comes new retail and that shows in Crestview's Main Street region. This historic portion of town offers many annual parades and parties, like the highly anticipated Fall Festival. Residents of Crestview and its neighboring towns flock to its downtown district every year for the wonderful events put on by the city. This charming area prides itself in taking care of its residents needs and making it a magnificent place to live for everyone.

Known as the "Hub City" of Northwest Florida, Crestview is expanding faster than most towns in the area. Not only is it the largest city in Okaloosa County, it also has the highest rate of development in both the retail and housing sectors. A lot of the homes that you'll find here differ from traditional Floridian-style homes as Crestview sits on the highest point in the state and boasts its coolest weather year-round. From historic, traditional homes to modern ramblers, Crestview's many wonderful neighborhoods, like Yellow River Plantation, are ready to welcome you in.

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