Native Americans first inhabited the city in the 1800s. During this time, Spain controlled the area. Soon after, Mexico declared its independence. Years later, the United States acquired the region. Today, Cypress is home to a diverse population. Over half of the residents are white; however, there is a strong Asian presence in the area. Native Americans, Hispanics, and Blacks also reside in the city. Many of these individuals live in homes, and the vacancy rate in the area is extremely low. Cypress also has a strong economy and is home to multiple companies. Vans, Real Mex Restaurants, and Mitsubishi Motors North America operate out of Cypress. Other tops employers in the area include, UnitedHealth Group, Costco, Christie Digital, Siemens, and Manhattan Beachwear.

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Cypress, California is located in beautiful, sunny Orange County. It is in the Northern region of the county and home to nearly 50,000 residents. The area is home to many affluent individuals, and there are several attractive homes for sale. First time homebuyers usually purchase apartments or townhomes. However, there are several larger homes for families. The homes in the area vary in style. Most are older homes in suburban communities. There are also some newer homes available.

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