Those moving to Dana Point will find a prosperous economic climate awaiting them. As compared to national averages, Dana Point's unemployment rate is almost half while the income per capita is nearly double it. Since this is a city surrounded by other large cities, the majority of Dana Point citizens are involved in the sales, management and finance industries. The Capistrano Unified School District will take care of the kids' grade school education, while college campuses in the area include the Laguna College of Art and Design and the University of California, Irvine.

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If you have the money and are searching for a new home on the coast of the golden state, there are few better options than Dana Point, California, with its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and easy access to entertainment and amenities in nearby big cities. If you pay for something close to the median home price of $800,000, you'll get about 2,000 square feet with a couple of bedrooms and bathrooms. Additionally, the price will increase or decrease depending on distance from the water.

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