Dearborn Heights prides itself in providing the advantages of living in a small city while having access to all of the opportunities that a bigger city offers. The city has great schools, modern and up to date healthcare facilities, civic and worship organizations, low crime rates, and affordable housing. The majority of the workforce works in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and education industries. The education level of the residents is about the same as the nation's average, and there are numerous colleges and universities nearby. Dearborn Heights offers a quality life that is ideal for raising a family.

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Dearborn Heights is a medium-sized city in the Detroit metropolitan area and is known as the 'City with a Future'. The population is around 56,500 and most of them live in owner occupied dwellings that can be found in 16 different neighborhoods. The majority of homes available are detached single family residences that were built between 1940 and 1999. There are very few newly constructed homes in the area. The median value of a home in Dearborn Heights is $105,000.

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