With a population of approximately 85,000, Deltona serves as a commuter town with its own unique character. The city is located in central Florida on the northern shore of Lake Monroe. Deltona is also the largest city in Volusia county. Home values are on the rise, so now is the time to buy. Most commercial structures are located in the surrounding larger cities, preserving the sense of community that residents cherish. The people here are both "white collar" and "blue collar" workers. There are teachers, business owners, construction workers, and chefs. The common thread that holds these individuals together is a desire to enjoy neighborhood life while having access to jobs in the big cities.

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Are you looking for the perfect mix of quiet community and big-city living? Deltona, Florida, located just outside Daytona Beach and Orlando, may be perfect for you. Deltona is comprised of mostly planned communities and developments, and there are 16 neighborhoods with various types of properties ranging from ranch houses to new construction. Homes here are affordable, and the cost of living is 15% below the national average, with a median value of houses or condos in Deltona of $93,800 in 2013.

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