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1130 East 7th Avenue, Denver CO, 80218

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  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 11 full
  • Days on 39
  • Sqft: 11,173
  • Lot Size: 0.36 acres
  • Year Built: 1904
Price per Sqft: $474

6900 West Lakeridge Road, Lakewood CO, 80227

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  • Beds: 11
  • Baths: 2 full & 4 half & 3 three-quarter
  • Days on 334
  • Sqft: 14,000
  • Lot Size: 122.3 acres
  • Year Built: 1932
Price per Sqft: $1,979

6900 West Lakeridge Rd, Lakewood CO, 80227

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  • Beds: 11
  • Baths: 5 full & 4 half
  • Days on 316
  • Sqft: 14,000
  • Lot Size: --
  • Year Built: 1932
Price per Sqft: $1,979

3241 West 44th Avenue, Denver CO, 80211

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  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 5 full
  • Days on 39
  • Sqft: 13,033
  • Lot Size: 0.78 acres
  • Year Built: 1924
Price per Sqft: $115

1681 East Cedar Avenue, Denver CO, 80209

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  • Beds: 7
  • Baths: 11 full
  • Days on 8
  • Sqft: 15,652
  • Lot Size: 2.35 acres
  • Year Built: 1931
Price per Sqft: $626

1681 -A East Cedar Avenue, Denver CO, 80209

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  • Beds: 7
  • Baths: 11 full
  • Days on 8
  • Sqft: 15,652
  • Lot Size: 0.89 acres
  • Year Built: 1931
Price per Sqft: $351

3030 Downing Street, Denver CO, 80205

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  • Beds: --
  • Baths: --
  • Days on 39
  • Sqft: 19,184
  • Lot Size: 0.44 acres
  • Year Built: 1934
Price per Sqft: $156
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Buyer Interest Accelerates in Homes for Sale in Denver

Denver's real estate climate is bolstered by a number of unique factors, including a healthy, increasingly diverse regional economy, enviable natural assets and an ample supply of undeveloped land on its fringes. By several different metrics, the metro area is among the country's most vibrant and attractive markets. This presents a tremendous opportunity for individuals and families seeking homes for sale in Denver.

Consistent Demand

The Denver real estate market is characterized by consistent demand from prospective buyers. On the whole, the region's population is more mobile and affluent than that of the archetypal U.S. metro area. Although its headcount has grown consistently for the past several decades, relatively lax zoning laws and plenty of available land have permitted housing starts to keep pace. As such, this demand has not pushed prices to the stratospheric heights that bedevil some coastal markets.

Perennially High Quality of Life Metrics

Denver's iconic mountain views and pleasant climate draw young, active transplants who seek adventure but wish not to sacrifice the economic opportunities characteristic of a dynamic urban area. This appeal is self-sustaining: Denver's reputation as a youthful, outdoorsy and eclectic city makes it yet more attractive to outsiders and ensures a steady supply of newcomers throughout the region. A robust transportation network that includes high-capacity urban Interstates and a reliable light rail network reduces commute times and facilitates cultural connections between different parts of the region.

Sound Economic Support

Denver has a diverse economy that tends to weather national downturns well. The region's most important sectors include healthcare, energy services, pharmaceuticals, high-tech manufacturing, financial services and education. Denver also has a robust tourist economy that draws a consistent supply of newcomers to the region. Outlying areas of the region have long appealed to retirees and owners of vacation homes, but recent years have seen increasing interest from these groups in Denver's central neighborhoods as well. This has knock-on benefits throughout the region's urban core. From the well-preserved Victorian homes near downtown to the sharp townhouses and condos in the Tech Center district, Denver's varied housing types appeal to buyers from all demographic groups and support a strong local construction industry.

Opportunities for Buyers of Denver Homes for Sale

These secular factors underpin a perennially strong housing market. Although all markets experience fluctuations in demand, supply and pricing, Denver's real estate climate looks poised to enjoy continued momentum for the foreseeable future. With more than 60 percent of listed homes selling within a two-month period, the brisk pace of the city's home sales consistently places the region among the top 10 U.S. metro areas for this metric.

While the variety of available housing types and the rate at which they come onto the market both ensure that buyers can find appealing properties, fast sales do result in healthy year-over-year price increases. After closing on a home, then, the typical Denver-area buyer sees an impressive return on his or her investment. When it comes time to sell, this can be a boon. Going forward, Denver homes for sale look likely to command strong interest from prospective buyers - and provide years of enjoyment for their eventual owners.