As it turns out, there are still plenty of amazing things to see and experience in the Motor City. For example, have you ever heard of Belle Isle? If you're not from the area, then it's a remote possibility. But Belle Isle is a lush state park situated on an island in the Detroit River between the U.S. and Canada. It's larger than New York's Central park, and it's filled with captivating attractions, including an impressive aquarium, a longstanding botanical garden, and picturesque Whitcomb Conservatory. Music lovers show up in droves for the Detroit International Jazz Festival, which attracts jazz luminaries from all over the globe. Detroit is also home to a vibrant electronic music scene, and many household-name DJs hail from the city. Lovers of old-school soul music should pay a visit to the Motown Museum, which features Hitsville, USA: the legendary studio where artists such as the Temptations and the Supremes recorded many of their chart-topping tracks. If you're more into sports, then you couldn't ask for a better hometown than Detroit. There's lots of major-league sports action in the city. Catch the Red Wings as they pummel their opponents and show the world why Detroit is called "Hockeytown, USA." Sit in the stands and cheer for the Detroit Lions, or buy a ticket to see if the Tigers can turn their erratic season around. Detroit is a great place for the sporting life.

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Detroit is a city that's synonymous with the automotive industry, a part of the legendary American industrial manufacturing belt. And while today's standard narrative about Detroit is that it's a broken city; a once-great metropolis abandoned and left to entropy by the industry that forged it. And while parts of that tale are certainly true, recent years have seen a new story emerging from Detroit: one of revitalization and renaissance, of creativity and optimism.

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