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As of 2000, over 74 percent of Doral's residents spoke Spanish as their first language. Amongst these are South American populations, including Brazilian, Columbian, Dominican and Cuban, to name a few. Of all the communities represented in the city, the most affluent and prevalent are Venezuelans. Indeed, Doral is sometimes referred to by its nickname, 'Doralzuela.' One testament to this is the current mayor, Luigi Boria; he is the only Venezuelan mayor currently in office in the United States. Cultural heritage is an important aspect of Doral. Driving down 87th Avenue, 107th Avenue, 25th Street and Doral Boulevard, you will find all kinds of South American and Caribbean cuisine to enjoy, all with an unmistakably authentic taste. Enjoy a Venezuelan arepa, or perhaps go into a Cuban-style coffee shop and enjoy a pastelito.

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Doral, Florida, is a smaller city with a population of around 50,000. It was named for the Doral Resort and Spa that the community developed around. There is a mix of houses, apartments and condominiums available, from a moderate to high price range. West of metro Miami and northwest of Miami International Airport, Doral is a place where the European culture commonly found throughout the U.S. mingles with South American culture and tradition.

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