This being Delaware's capital city, the economy and job market is largely concentrated within the state and county governments. Other major employers in Dover include Dover Air Force Base and the manufacturing facilities of Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods. Though the breadth of popular jobs might seem a bit narrow at first, it is important to note that Dover is considered one of the fastest-growing areas in the state. Due to the relatively low cost of living, the citizens are able to live quite comfortably without breaking the bank. Don't let all this talk of the working world turn you off from bringing a family to live in Dover, however, as there is a standard pubic school district available to serve them. Additionally, local college campuses include Delaware State University and Wesley College as well as satellite facilities for Wilmington University and the University of Delaware.

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With a modest land size of just over 22 square miles and a population of nearly 40,000 citizens, the city of Dover, Delaware is a great place to consider looking for a new home if you desire a bustling town atmosphere without the constantly crowded nature of some of the bigger metropolises on the United States' east coast. Since most house prices in the area hover between the low to mid $200,000 range, it's entirely possible for you to find an affordable piece of property that grants some yard space and breathing room from your neighbors.

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