With a population of over 50,000 living in about 18 square miles, East Hartford packs in a lot of people in little space. Recently, to combat the burgeoning population growth, the city has begun several extensive development projects just east of the river, in the Connecticut Boulevard and East River Drive areas. The perfect one-stop shop for any growing family, these new establishments include car dealerships, light retail stores and medical offices. But families aren't the only individuals who call this area home. Young college students have been arriving in droves, as the local Goodwin College has set up a large campus on Riverside Drive. The school is developing run-down or abandoned properties, transforming them into vibrant student housing centers. For families or for single students, East Hartford provides a community full of vibrant diversity.

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In the heart of Connecticut you'll find the winsome little hamlet of East Hartford. Located across the Connecticut River from Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, East Hartford has been its own separate city since 1783. Here you'll find suburban middle-class neighborhoods in the northeast and southeast dotted with picturesque Colonial houses and charming Cape-style homes, while the older urban neighborhoods of Hockanum and Burnside Avenue are filled with classic eateries, serving everything from pizza to deep-fried bar food. The combination of suburban comfort and the artisanal attractions of urban life make East Hartford the unique and well-rounded community it is.

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