Settled in the 1600s by Puritan immigrants, East Haven developed from the center outward, although what is referred to by residents as "The Center," is not geographically the middle of town, but rather the location of the core of the administrative facilities. The town beach, on the southern boundary of the city, is a popular destination for swimming, with its sandy shore and lifeguards on duty. A cluster of nearby restaurants offers menus as diverse as the heritage of the residents. The nearby Shoreline Greenway Trail offers biking and walking access for 25 miles along the Long Island Sound.

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On the shores of the Long Island Sound, east of the New Haven Harbor, you will find the community of East Haven Connecticut. From cottages just a stone's throw from the beach in the southern Momauguin area, to inland communities of attached homes, there are many options for affordable housing in East Haven. Neighborhoods of restored Cape Cod-style homes dot the area as do attractive yards with towering trees and lush, green lawns. Many investment properties and summer cottages can be found within the municipality.

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