Composed of more than twenty-five neighborhoods, East Lansing is incredibly diverse. As you'd expect with any university town, the downtown forms the heart of the city. Grand River Avenue, a wide boulevard elegantly lined with trees, forms the nucleus of the downtown. College students are the primary customers, as bars, coffee shops and eateries abound. You'll also find a broad range of attractions, such as tanning salons, restaurants and bookstores as well. Students mostly populate the land north of the downtown area, and as you move even further north, you'll find ritzy, high-end subdivisions. Students also live in this area, opting for lower rents in exchange for a longer distance to campus. The Northern Tier Trail connects these northern parts of the city for pedestrians and bicyclists. A number of buses operate within the city and connect to Lansing and other surrounding areas-including the Detroit airport.

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More of a college city than a college town, East Lansing houses Michigan State University. Home to the Spartans and featuring over 200 courses of study, MSU is the largest educational institution in Michigan and seventh largest in the United States. Accordingly, the houses in East Lansing follow suit, as most are upscale homes with large porches for welcoming guests and even larger yards to enjoy the deer and other wildlife. You'll also find a majority of housing is oriented towards students, whether boasting affordable apartments distant from campus or more expensive ones nearer.

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