There is no shortage of fun for the whole family in Elgin. Several parks are located within the city, with several others just a short drive outside of town. Channing Park is just one popular play place and boasts a playground, tennis courts, large fields and basketball courts. The Elgin Shores County Forest Preserve is a great location for individuals and families to hang out and enjoy nature and the treasures that are hidden in the river and on the trails. Children and adults can enjoy fun and competition in a soccer or softball league, and may also spend many hours at the pool or ice skating rink. City officials and residents of Elgin understand the importance of clean family entertainment and host movies and concerts in the park, a daddy/daughter dance, Nightmare on Chicago Street, a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and other celebrations and festivities.

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Known as "The City in the Suburbs" and sitting about an hour northwest of Chicago is Elgin, Illinois. With various homes in beautiful neighborhoods, Elgin offers living on any budget. A quaint brick home on a large lot provides a young family with space to grow. A condominium or townhouse on a quiet street could be the perfect place to retire. Whether you're looking for a brand new home over 3,000 square feet or an older, less expensive starter home, Elgin neighborhoods are some of the most comfortable and beautiful in Illinois.

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