One of the biggest selling points in the city of Elmhurst is the exceptional school districts. The small geographic size of the city allows for children to be able to walk to school, and parents can be more closely involved in their education. There are a number of both public and private schools in the area, and all have received the highest reviews and consistently turned out great test scores. This region is also home to the prestigious Elmhurst College, a private liberal university. These amazing schools have resulted in the community of Elmhurst having a highly educated population with more adults having a college degree than compared to the national average.

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Located just 20 miles from downtown Chicago, Elmhurst, Illinois, is an attractive town that encompasses many picturesque neighborhoods. The North Graue Woods area offers shady streets that connect charming single family homes nestled in between parks and forests, while the Elmhurst Parkside neighborhood offers an entirely suburban environment. Homes for sale encompass a variety of sizes and styles; one can find large six-bedroom houses for over a million dollars as well as smaller, more affordable single-family dwellings. New construction mixes with classic architecture for a wonderfully varied environment.

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