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Situated in the rich farming country of Northern Lancaster County, Ephrata is surrounded by Amish as well as Pennsylvania Dutch neighbors, and the entire community has a timeless feel. The area was settled in the mid-1700s by Germans seeking religious freedom and has several museums and landmarks that celebrate the history of the region. The Ephrata Cloister dates back to 1732 and boasts nine original buildings that have been beautifully restored. Visitors can participate in educational programs, special events and even research on site. The Ephrata Performing Arts Center delivers modern entertainment through indoor and outdoor theatrical productions and calls the beautifully-renovated Sharadin Bigler Theater home.

In the center of Harrisburg and Philadelphia, along state route 322 lies the historic borough of Ephrata Pennsylvania. At the heart of the community, downtown is a mixture of quant shops and restored residences dating back to the early 1900s. The surrounding neighborhoods are made up of a mixture of single-family homes, condos and attached residences. The outskirts of town offer anything from original stone farmhouses to modern homes constructed within the last ten years.

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