Essex is a census-designated area that was originally built in 1909. The Taylor Land Company took on the project for the sake of Baltimore residents who desired to live in a more rural area. While the city remains unincorporated, perhaps its start can be most represented by the building of its general store in 1910 by Henry Guttenberger. Over time the community gained a fire station and schools. Essex experienced industrial growth with the aerospace business during World War II and the production of sheet steel. While these productions no longer take place, they are important to the history of the beautiful community. The community itself retains a small population, with the 2015 census revealing a population of 39,759.

Located in Baltimore County is a small, unincorporated community called Essex, MD. It is located just 11.7 miles from the city of Baltimore itself across the Back River. There are many options to choose from when it comes to real estate in Essex. There are many residential single-family homes on the market, as well as plenty of condominiums. There are plenty of townhouses as well. Empty lots and pieces of land are frequently offered as well.

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