About 53,000 people live in Euless itself while about 6.8 million live in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. That means that it is one of those fantastic cities across the US that offers small town living with big city amenities just within reach. You can really feel Euless's history seeping through as you walk around downtown or take the Heritage Tour. Their preservation of history shows the overall pride in the community. When you move to Euless, you'll find plenty of reasons to be proud. The residents can be proud because of the city's focus on family, education and preservation. This focus shows itself in the community activities offered, the summer programs for children, the dedication of the library, the museums, the local city and county parks and the education system.

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Euless, Texas, is located between Fort Worth and Dallas. Euless is a city steeped in history that works hard to preserve the past while looking to the future. If you're looking at a house in Euless, you'll realize that what they say about Texas is true. Everything is bigger in Texas. You can find large, single family homes on large plots of land. Of course, they do have some smaller homes and even some smaller plots of land if that's what you're looking for.

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